Being a Philanthroparent

At HomeAt Home ~  Here is the place to build a culture of social consciousness within your family. It can start with leading by example and helping your child build the character traits that are conducive to social and environmental awareness. Philanthropy allows you to put your family values, as well as your family’s interests and talents, to good work. We help provides tips, resources and activities for integrating philanthropy into your home and family life.


At HeartAt Heart ~  What pulls at your heartstrings? Something you can’t seem to get off your mind or your child can’t seem to stop talking about that’s concerning him/her? When it’s on your mind, it might also be on your heart. If something has impacted you significantly in your life, acting upon it might not just help others but could be therapeutic for your family, as well. If you’re a Philanthroparent, you’ll likely want to find ways to address philanthropy from the heart.



At SchoolAt School ~   Some form of community service or civic engagement is present in most schools. This may seem like the realm of the teachers, the administrators and the curriculum. However, many educators see their relationship with parents as a partnership, akin to the saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” Philanthroparents often want to help support the service efforts at their child’s school, and we’ll help guide your efforts.


In the CommunityIn the Community ~ The great thing about this category is that you can build service opportunities around your children’s notion of the world, especially if they’ve noticed a social issue in the community lately. Asking your child what the world means to them might give you insight into what they know and care about. When their definition of the world expands as the grow, the exposure you give them to different types of service can become more sophisticated too. We post tips, resources and activities for getting involved in the service opportunities your community has to offer.


In Our Virtual RealityIn Our Virtual Reality ~ With the influx of technology and media in our lives, it really can seem like a small world after all these days. Terms like “global citizen” and our “global village” make sense when you can connect virtually with communities all over the world. With technology, social change doesn’t always have to start in person. While the answer to society’s issues won’t be addressed when you “google it,” the organization or volunteer opportunity you’re looking for might be uncovered that way. We share media and technology that helps you become a virtual Philanthroparent when you don’t have the opportunity to get out and give.

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