Parent Workshops

At Heart: Developing our children’s prosocial character traits, such as empathy, compassion and generosity
  • Greater Good Science Center – helping parents make sense of psychology research findings that support positive human characteristics
At Home: Instituting values, routines and traditions that support philanthropy and service to others
  • Greater Good in Action – applying psychology research to actionable ideas you can do at home that support and encourage human connectedness and a meaningful life
  • Kindful Kids – a newsletter with resources for parents who strive to teach their children about compassion and service to others + the Kindful Kids Book List that shares titles families can read together that address these principles
  • Inspired Child Web Series – interview series featuring guest speakers that help parents learn strategies to get their kids engaged in making a better world
  • PhilathroParties! Book – Putting social activism into your social life- a party planning guide for socially conscious kids
In the Community: Providing exposure to societal issues and the variety of ways to address them
  • Big Sunday – Organizes community service events with the philosophy that everyone has some way they can help someone else
  • A Magic Penny – Families making a difference through local kid-friendly service opportunities
  • Good Samaritots – Events where tiny hands get to do big deeds in Los Angeles
  • LA Works – Database of volunteer opportunities in Los Angeles organized by service category
  • The Philanthropy Project – kids create their own virtual campaigns for action or have the opportunity to choose other campaigns to support
  • Daymaker – allows families to match with a child in need in their community, and support them through special product purchases that benefit them directly
  • Project Giving Kids – a volunteer organization that uses technology to help kids get involved in community service – find local volunteer events via the website or their YouthGive app