Philanthroparent: A New Word for the Oxford English Dictionary

Even though it is not officially entered into the Oxford English Dictionary yet, selfie became the 2013 International Word of the Year. It was chosen in part because its usage increased 17,000% between November 2012 and November 2013. Other Word of the Year winners in the 21st century within the UK or US: credit crunch, carbon footprint, locavore. New words that explode into use capture some of the trends and changes afoot in society. Why not help capture a new trend- parenting with a purpose- by adding two new words to popular culture?

Actually, anyone can propose a word for submission into the Oxford English Dictionary. To be considered, OED explains that the word typically has to be found within print by a published source and be “used with the expectation of being understood” – a word that people have a common understanding for that doesn’t require an explanation each time it is used.

I’d like to propose  two new words worthy of being included in future editions of the Oxford English Dictionary: #philanthroparent and #famanthropy. They signify a new era of socially conscious parenting. It starts with publishing them here. Use them. Introduce them to others. Let’s get this new parenting trend started!

Philanthroparent, n. : 1. A parent dedicated to exploring social consciousness with their family through philanthropy and service opportunities in the local and global community.  2. A parent reframing their family life towards more volunteer opportunities to raise community-minded global citizens.

Famanthropy, n. : The practice of family philanthropy, where family members collectively use their interests and talents to serve and better their community.

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