Celebrate World Oceans Day, June 8th

Beach Heart - Version 2World Oceans Day takes place every year on June 8th, and my daughter and I are celebrating for the first time this year by making a plastic fish collage! You might also consider celebrating if … 1) You have been to the ocean or the beach and enjoyed it. 2) You have taken your child out on the ocean or to the beach and they enjoyed it. 3) You plan on taking your child out on the ocean or to the beach because your family will probably enjoy it.

Needless to say, our oceans and beaches are likely to become a lasting memory for your child. So, as a Philanthroparent, you might want to consider helping them find ways to appreciate these memories. And since you’re raising a socially and environmentally conscious kid, you might also realize that you need to introduce them to the fact that humanity’s actions are impacting our oceans in a multitude of ways.

Even if you don’t live in or near a coastal community, there are still ways to get involved. The World Oceans Day website has a multitude of ideas for honoring our oceans. You’ll discover surprising (and sometimes alarming) facts that can motivate your family into action. You can take a “Selfie for the Sea”, browse their project ideas, or take a pledge to do something to reduce your impact on our oceans.

I searched their Event List and found an event in our area to make a Plastic Fish Collage at the reDiscover Center in Los Angeles, CA. This is a great option being a Philanthroparent with a toddler, but there is everything from festivals, to beach clean ups, to art exhibits all over the world on or around June 8th to recognize World Oceans Day.

We’ll be sharing pictures of our plastic fish collage and what it taught us about our oceans, but we’d love to hear how you’re celebrating World Oceans Day too. Leave a comment, visit us on Facebook, or Tweet us @philanthroparnt.




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