Saving Our Seas from My “Sea”t

Fay Bainbridge BeachWorld Oceans Day is tomorrow, and we were planning on spending this afternoon repurposing cast-off plastic materials into a fish collage at the reDiscover Center in Los Angeles. I liked that it was a kid-friendly way to recognize harrowing facts, like how 80% of plastic pollution in the ocean comes from land-based sources, primarily litter.

However, the tides have changed. Our toddler is sick today. She will likely be better within a few days, unlike our oceans that have been sick for some time now. Instead of throwing in the (beach) towel, I’m doing my own personal mini campaign… Saving Our Seas from my “Sea”t.

I’ve decided to make a reasonable donation to two environmentally focused organizations:

First, to the reDiscover Center because I support their mission and vision of creating a “community where all waste materials can be rediscovered for their educational and creative value.” Though we won’t make it there for the World Oceans Day activity, I am sure that they will help reveal the fun and creativity that found within repurposing, something that I hope will be a part of my daughter’s repitoire of environmentally conscious activities.

Secondly, I am supporting EarthEcho International. They create educational opportunities and materials that empower youth to take action protecting and restoring our world’s waterways and oceans. I think it is so important to provide teachers with support and resources that help allow students to take the lead on issues they care about.

*Donating need not be the only way to support healthier oceans on World Oceans Day, nor does it have to be centered around this day of awareness either. I felt confident about the positive impact these two organizations are having- one locally and one globally for our oceans. However, there are other great last-minute ideas to celebrate on the World Oceans site. Plus, many can be done year-round. What other ways could someone save our seas from their “sea”t? Inviting your comments below.

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